Alyiah’s passion is to help people deeply relax, ease pain, be more fully present, and attune to inner peace, strength, health, and resilience. She utilizes healing arts to nurture your heart, enhance flow in your energy channels and free your mind to rest. This supports you to embrace life, embody your true nature of unconditioned love and joy, and open to your unique gifts, passions and purpose!

Alyiah offers whole person body-centered healing that addresses a person’s physical body, as well as their mind, emotions, heart, soul, and spirit. Everything is connected! What affects one part of us impacts the whole.

Her goal is to gently uncover and address the root cause of a condition, rather than just treating symptoms. If you are weeding a garden, you go for the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will return and sometimes stronger than before. Alyiah sees that even where someone injures themselves in their body is often related to an unconscious, unresolved root challenge or trauma. The traumas we carry may be both personal and collective. They may be prenatal, from birth, infancy, or later. They may be related to family, gender, race, ancestry, religion, and mass consciousness.

You are supported to be compassionately present with whatever is arising, and to access the Healing Intelligence and the clear, unconditioned heart space within. We are all vessels of spirit, born in human form with a particular elemental nature that carries with it certain life challenges, purpose and unique gifts. Most people identify with the challenges and have not realized the amazing gifts and resources that are within! When we live from compassion, clear heart and insight, and share our gifts, we benefit and the world does too!

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