“Having been in the field of bodywork for over 30 years, I have found few treatment methods as effective as Alyiah’s unique blend of five element acupuncture.” — Ravidas VanHowten, Director, Life Impressions Institute

“I was deeply touched by my acupuncture session with Alyiah. Profound changes occurred in my physical body, as well as my emotional being; unlocking and releasing areas that have been inaccessible to me for a long, long time.”
— Jane O’Mara, Shiatsu & Thai massage therapist

“From the moment I walk in the door I feel genuinely cared for. Alyiah’s energy emits professionalism, centeredness and loving presence. With the massage I go into a deep relaxation and meditative space. The craniosacral therapy then takes me even deeper into a connected state of Oneness.” — Doug Cox, Owner, Advantage Construction

“After craniosacral therapy with Alyiah, my mind feels free, clear, de-fracked, and my heart open and clear.”
— Ariana Marchello, The Computer Whisperer

“Thank you for the skill you bring to your work. It allows me to trust and let go.” — Bob Becker, Professional Viola Player

“During the craniosacral therapy I felt like I was being held by angels. Alyiah has a real gift.”
— Tanya Gallegos, Property Management